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10 Reasons to visit Sand River Resort

In the land of the baobab lies a resort touched by the famous sand river that's located in the northernmost section of the country, called Musina!

1. The famous Sand River!

This is when the river has experienced a good rainy season.
Sand River, cutting through Sand River Resort

Our resort is located within a hot and dry part of the world where low shrubs and thorn trees dominate the landscape, and the historical Limpopo River, also known as Sand River, flows through our resort with water along its river banks on average only once in seven years. And there is evidence of the rock formation known as Sand River gneiss – said to be the oldest datable rock in the world and almost 4 000 million years old. It is protected within the reserve.

2. The Baobab Tree...

The +300 year old tree
Sand River Resort’s Baobab Tree.

As you drive through the N1, one of the things you'll notice is our huge Baobab tree.

The giant baobab trees grow mainly in the hot, semi-arid areas north of the mountain which is part of what makes staying with us so spectacular. This tree is set apart for so many travelers because it appears to be upside-down in the ground – with its roots reaching toward the heavens. The lifespan of the baobab tree is impressive and there are specimens in Limpopo as old as 3 000 years. Even our average baobab, flanking the side of the road to greet visitors to South Africa, is around or over 350 years old.

Legend has it that in a frivolous mood, the gods planted Baobabs upside down with their roots exposed to the sky.

3. Variety of Wildlife

The Poser, Monkey within the resort

But the reserve is not about our historic baobab tree alone. It is also home to cute notorious creatures known as monkeys who are weirdly well-behaved and shy to humans in our resort. Within a land you'll find antelopes, and bushpigs and might see some kudus if you're lucky though we do not offer any game drives, we are known to let animals freely live uninterrupted within our lands.

4. Water, 5, yes Five Swimming Pools!!

Looking down at the pools on the super slide
View From The Super Slide

It is hot in this part of town, however, we have all the water you need to cool down and unwind.

Our resort is ideal for a family, group of friends and loved ones. As you enter, you're greeted by the sound of water and the colour blue!! The blue of the water, the blue of our famous super slide tube that lands directly into our huge deep adult pool.

We have a serene pool that is connected with a wall waterfall, giving you peace of mind as you chill and relax within the water to the calming sound of water falling in summer!!

5. Adult Water Bar!

Adult Bar Entrance

Another feature of our pools, we have a bar with a water chill feature that allows you to chill at the bar while you're waist-deep in shorts or a bikini while sipping cocktails on order service. And thinking it's over? We have a waterfall right next to it that glows and lights up in the dark.

We've got adult fun taken care of...

6. Meeting, Conferencing...

Meeting Room

Our facility can accommodate up to 50 guests with multiple lighting configurations, power and AV equipment to suit all needs. We also are able to offer catering to over a group of 50 guests.

7. Cool, Picnic Spots.

Garden Court

Located right next to your room, we have a great garden area idea to read a good book, have breakfast, or even have a picnic. We're a holiday spot, and relaxation is top of mind, while the big trees shading the area ensure that you're able to sit on garden chairs throughout the day regardless of the summer sun.

We tend the grass daily, making sure it's content worthy for your Instagram photos.

8. 40 rooms? Yet cater to more than 80 guests.

Picture of our of our main room.

Our rooms aren't just built for couples, we have some en suites that are built for at least 5 guests.

The resort is designed to accommodate individuals, couples and groups. With accommodation facilities that are suitable for everyone's needs.

9. Finest cuisine in town!!

Finest Oxtail in town

While there are famous franchises around town, we offer the finest authentic African dishes, sourced from the finest ingredients, our restaurant offers the most pallet satisfying local food that Limpopo could offer. 

You'll never find a better oxtail than the one we'd serve you. Come try it and judge for yourself!!

10. Win Big!!

Money Slots

Stand a chance to win over R100 000.00 cash!! Yes, we have a casino money slot machine where you can test your luck and win big.

The casino area is an adult's entertainment area with bartenders service and indoor and outdoor dining. While kids play outside in the heat, you can cool down to beer, cider, whiskey, or any drink of your choice while beting in the cool air-conditioned adult play area.

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